Happy Valentines DAY!

Here is my sweet sweet husband. He would HATE me if he knew that I put this on here but he never goes on my blog I don't think (sadly). He is missing out. I came across this random picture when I was cleaning up my computer. I was testing out a NIKON D700...
Well, my husband is the bestest EVER!

I picked good.

Make sure you tell those close to you, you love them... and not just today, EveryDAY... people need to hear it (even if you just assume they know). If you are embarrassed or scared... do it anyway... it feels good. Don't forget your kids (if you have any).


becca olsen said...

Are you sure you still love him when he "caaa's" haha

Grant said...

ahhhh.... soo annoying!!! but yes.. still love him

Grant said...

grant what?! This is allison, why does it say grant?

becca olsen said...

haha, i was wondering.. why is my dad saying that!


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