LAS VEGAS!!! and Valentines

So I'm officially going to WPPI Las Vegas! SOOO excited! EEEEEE Well, I've officially been going for about 2 weeks but I have not posted it. WPPI stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers international for those of you who don't know. I'm so looking forward to LEARNING more and more and more photography. I could learn it all day, everyday. I hope to come back with new inspiration, techniques and knowledge to provide even better portraits for my clients. I'm meeting up with 3 other girls that I only know though facebook or friends. I'm meeting Jenny Alston; Imajen Portrait Art, Jenny sister, and Shellie Secreten; TNT Photography. They are all amazing photographers and I'm looking forward to staying with them. This is SO not like me but I'm doing it. I'm flying alone as well. Very scary. I'm sure it will be super easy though since I'm used to flying with 2 strollers, 3 car seats, about 7 bags of luggage, 3 screaming kids and being stripped down while carrying all of this (because you know I'm going to smuggle some drugs down my kids pants- awesome). It is like 2 1/2 weeks away. My sweet mother in law is coming up to watch my kids. They are really excited she is coming. I kind of wish she would come already because they ask how many more sleeps everyday and it is driving me a little crazy. They really like her. I better get my baby sleeping though the night. These are my son's valentines that I said I would post. I love doing stuff like this. My son Rylen's Valentines Day party at school is tomorrow. It should be fun. The picture on this Valentine below I'm in the process of getting it printed in a 24 by 36 canvas to go above my love seat in my office.

I don't know if you can see but Rylen did print his name above, he doesn't press very hard. CUTE!

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Michelle Kane Photography said...

I just read that you will be meeting up with Shellie from This N That in Vegas. Just emailed her to see if we can all meet up, as we follow each other's blogs. So cool to meet up with so many great people in one fell swoop!


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