This is me.
Yes. I'm super lame for posting pictures of myself.
Super lame.
I feel like I'm NEVER getting my picture taken and so I had my sister in laws do it this morning (didn't they do a good job?). I feel so awkward getting my picture done.... Glad I'm on the other side of the camera most of the time.
This is me. If if ever want to put a face to who you are talking with over email or phone.
I have red hair, 3 boys.... well 4 if you include my husband.
I love photoshop... it works wonders...



Tj said...

Very cute! I had my 3 year old do this the other day. No head....who needs a head! It was hilarious! Needless to say, I won't be posting those. You have such cute hair! I LOVE red hair. Love it!

becca olsen said...

Hey alli,
Those are really good! I like the long hair!

Sarah said...

WOW! "Your" hair looks awesome! haha. No seriously, great pics of you!

Cahoonies said...

first off: your hair looks sexy... i take it from the other comments that they are extensions? whatever you ROCK them!
second: where the freak did you get that sweet necklace? love it.
third: what the? practice? in camrose? are you moving again? my mind has been blown!


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This is me.

This is me.