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I am soooo beyond frustrated with Blogspot like I said before. I thought I would give her one more try but no go. I'm done. So just so you know the reason behind the lack of posts.... I can't bear to spend anymore time with blogspot. New for Septemeber..... NEW BLOG... NEW LOGO. I'm having my logo professionally designed and I'm sooooo excited for this because I don't have to think about it and change it a million times. Lots of new things to come. I'm excited.. you should be too. Stay tuned. I promise I'm still here. Just think, due to the lack of posts... there will be one giant post when the new blog is up! Horray!
See you soon!



Another family with All boys!!! Beautiful family.... it rained for 3 days prior to this shoot and so we had to dodge mud and lakes that were created. Aloha... I'm off for vacation the next 10 days. LAters! Enjoy Stotharts!



Yes. It's me again. I'm really a dork. I take pictures of me. I usually don't get ready everyday, just throw on some comfy capris and a shirt and my hat, love my hat. This morning after getting ready for church- I forced my husband to come and take this picture of me. I was trying out some new lighting set up. After a few pictures I was like "don't you love it? Taking pictures?!" He was like "no", "can I be done now? ". This was after like 30 seconds. At least I got one. I'm still working on my new blog. I really don't enjoy computer junk- oh man, tutorial after tutorial.... It will be at least a couple of weeks before it get this thing up and running.
Happy Sunday!


Bye Bye Blogspot

Look at how beautiful this little Jacey is. I love her name....

Ok. I'm done with Blogspot. Super frustrating problems. Soooo my new blog is under construction..... my husband is going away this weekend so I will be able to get working on it.... stay tuned for the new, fresh blog!


The big CahoonAH

So these are some Cahoon's... there are LOT's!!! Paul and Tanya Cahoon were called to be Mission Presidents for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Perth, Austrailia! (my spell check says I'm spelling that wrong but it looks right to me-I'm the worst at spelling)
They are there for 3 years. I'm very excited for them. Even more exciting is that they have a 5 bedroom house over there and and if we are really nice to them, maybe we can stay with them and visit. Loved this session. Crazy chaos with all the kids... but great fun. This is the last time they will all be together for a LOOONNNGGG time.... it is weird to think how many more kiddies there will be in 3 years. Erin, Ben??? There are more pics to come from individual fams.


The Whole Post. Finally.

So here is the Whole post from Libby and Madge's Session. Finally. I've been sick. Blah. Holy cute girls... They have this song (that my kids now sing) and it goes as follows "shake your little butt, butt, butt.... shake your little butt, butt, butt" and they laugh sooo hard. It sounds dumb but it is sooo cute- the first few times :)

Oh, this is them dancing to the "Butt" song..... hilarious.

HAHa. This one makes me laugh.
We gave Madge this old phone and she was soooo cute. She had like a 10 minute conversation with Grandpa (who was not there) to tell him that he needed to come and fix all these old barns.


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