My Camera-FOR SALE & Addie

So I got VERY spoiled for Mother's Day this year. My husband (and kids) are such sweet guys and got me a new Canon 5D Mark II AND a 50mm L series 1.2 ANNNNNNDDDD a Canon photo printer. Holy, was not expecting all of this. I've been wanting new lense for a looooonnnngg time. The other Sunday I woke up before church and I looked pretty hot (I showered the night before and slept on my hair with no gel). He dared me to go to church with no makeup and with my hair looking like the way it did and he would buy me new camera stuff. I don't think he thought I would do it but I was totally in - hey, wouldn't you for new camera stuff? He totally took back his offer-lame and so I didn't have to go to church and make a fool of myself.
So a little about my camera- it comes from a very loved home. It has been used for professional use only. I bought it from Mcbain Camera November 2007 for $1349.00. The best offer I get takes it. You can check out more images from this camera at UrbanAlli.com. It is in MINT condition. I will miss it. It come with all original packaging, instuctions, receipts... everything.
My sister and my mom were up this weekend for my son Shoal's birthday. He turned 1 yesterday. I cannot believe it. I will post pictures soon. This is Addie. My sisters baby. She is the happiest baby.
ps. ALL of the frames are now SOLD. thanks!


Michelle Kane Photography said...

I'm so excited you got a new camera and a sweet lens. You will LOVE them!

Tj Aneca said...

Lucky butt!!


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