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Baby Shoal- Oh how cute he is.

When I was in Vegas in March for my Photography conference, I bought these frames at the trade show from a vendor called "Not so Perfect Tins". They are made in Texas. I've seen these frames selling in Lethbridge at the "White Barn" store (I think that is what it is called). The Furniture store is attached to "Anna Banana". I bought these for my home but have soon realized I have too many frames and want MORE CANVAS (if you have seen canvas- you will understand why), so I'm selling them to you. They are an awesome price. I didn't have to pay to ship them (this is usually a killer) because I brought them home with me on the plane. I have 6 frames and only 6. Once they are gone, they are gone... so first come first serve. They are REALLY cute. Take a look. If you want one or all of them, email me at allison@urbanalli.com. GREAT MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!!! (I'm giving one to my mom with my son's in it- shhhhh don't tell)

The all come ready to mount in your wall and with glass.

$25 (above)
12x12 outside, 6x6 inside, Antique Black
12x12 outside, 6x6 inside, Antique Black

12x12 outside, 6x6 inside, Antiqued Butter
This is the inside of the frame, where the picture goes, the metal curls back to reveal the photo.
16x16 outside, 8x8 inside, Sage Green
12x12 outside, 6x6 inside, Antique Red
8x8 outside, 4 x 4 inside, Antique Red
$55 (sells for $80 or more at the White Barn)
Black, 24 x 24 outside, 12 x 12 inside


Carrie said...

I LOVE them! I just don't know where I'd put them...help!

Carrie said...

Okay forget what I just said..... I thought of two places that NEED frames. Do you still have the 2nd one and the last one? They are the same, just bigger and smaller versions in Antique Black.

It's okay to buy yourself a mother's day present right??? Even if you aren't technically a mother until 2 days AFTER mother's day.... ;)

Alli said...

These are now ALL SOLD. THANKS!


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