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Just so you all know, the Canvas LOVE sale ends TODAY, Thursday... at midnight. If you are thinking of getting a canvas let me know by tonight. Email me at allison@urbanalli.com
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So here is my husband and I's (more of my husband's) new adventure. We are currently in the process of purchasing this Dental Practice in Camrose, Alberta. My husband has looked at a bunch over the last year and nothing really stood out to him. As soon as we both saw this place, inside and out, we both loved it. I love it for the fact that it is cute inside, full of character and antiques (awesome for my photography) and of course my husband loves it for it's dental awesomeness. More pictures in the future. I have designed this logo for his practice. What do you think? Any comments!
And no, we are not moving to Camrose... just for those wondering...


Carrie said...

Congrats to Jordan! That's so exciting! I vote for the 2nd more modern logo - it just looks nice and crisp and clean. The first one (though I really do love antique/distressed anything...)just makes me think of Paul Cahoon's office and how he's from the old school dental generation. (don't get me wrong, I love Paul - that's just my thought). Hope I didn't offend your designing skills ;)

Alli said...

ha ha.... you are funny carrie...
I totally understand where you are coming from.. totally not offended. THanks for your input!


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