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So Valentines day is over... so what! Not sure why the canvas company I order through is having a sale AFTER Valentines Day but whatever... it's a SALE!!! I thought I would pass the sale onto you. I just got this beautiful 24 x 36 Canvas of my boys the other day. I put it above my piano. It makes me smile every time I see it. If you don't have an image that you feel is "worthy" of "the canvas"... you can purchase any of these sizes below and then I put a place holder in that spot until you get the picture you want or until you come and see me for photos! The place holder NEVER expires and this way you get to take part in the sale. Book a session to update those family, baby or children portraits.

Canvas is so much more than just a "big print." It's a timeless work of art that you will cherish for a lifetime. Canvas is ready to hang as soon as it comes out of the box. No extra time or $$$ to have it professionally framed and matted! Open that box, put a hanger in the wall, and BAM -your room is decorated with a lovely canvas that your friends will most surely be envious of.

Canvas isn't a NEED product... it's a LOVE product. It's true!

**For a limited time, enjoy HUGE savings on the following sizes:
16x20 = reg $185 sale $150
16x24 = reg $195 sale $160
20x24 = reg $240 sale $200
20x30 = reg $300 sale $240
24x36 = reg $360 sale $300

See texture of Canvas above

This is a 16 x 24
Just got this one. 24 x 36 awesomeness...

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