Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW YEAR!!! and the winner and my super cute baby

This first picture is my sister's new baby.... too cute...

I've been so busy with family and the holidays, you? Merry Christmas and Happy new year! I love Christmas time. Our family had a nice relaxing Christmas. I always love new presents for my kids because they are occupied and not bugging me. I love it. My little Baby Shoal is getting too big for my liking. He brings happiness wherever he is. Walking down the mall, in the grocery store, doesn't matter where, he is smiling at everyone. Sometimes is get annoying because I have to stop and talk with everyone while they talk with Shoal and it takes a loooonnngg time to do anything. The other day in Walmart, 6 people stopped and chatted with Shoal, not really me, just my baby. Weird?
The winner of my free photoshoot is Sonnia (from work).... yes!!! YAY!~ If you check my blog, email me, if not, I will email you. I'm sure you will be super excited since you are expecting.
Oh, and my sister had a baby. Adelade Kae I think... I should know... Doesn't matter. She is so precious and small. She was born December 26th at 9:45pm and weighed 7lbs 14 ounces and is soooo little (just remember Shoal was 10lbs 3 ounces so anything compared to him is little)... I loved holding her.
Dear Shoal,
Can you start sleeping through the night? That would make me soooo happy.

He always holds his hands together like a little old man. It is cute.

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avagdro said...

Thank you Alli.Pretty cute pics.Wish you all the best besides Wish you a joyful New Year ahead.

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