Here are the Christmas Cards for 2009

Ok. So. Over the next few days I'm going to be putting more pictures up of what my canvas prints look like. I'm still working on my websight. There are TOO MANY IDEAS in my head.. I can't seem to get it together... soon though.. I'll let everyone know my new address. My new blog should be up sooner though. They will both function WAY better than this blog. I'm very excited. So about Christmas Cards.... think about them now! Yes, it is only November but wouldn't it be nice if they were just done soon and you didn't have to think about them during the holiday season and you could just enjoy your holiday time and not have to stress. So Pretty much leave it all to me. You can get a portrait session done of your children, family, couples, etc. by me or just send me your favourite pictures of the year that you want to use for your card (I will do my best to touch up any photos that were not taken in studio). These are now on CARDSTOCK PAPER not photo paper. They are 4 by 6 folded cards and are $2.50 per card. There will be designs on the front and the back of the folding card. The first image is the front, and the second image of the set, is the back.... the insides are blank and white.

They come in increments of 25 ....... 25, 50, 75 and so on. If you want 40 cards, you must get 50. The Latest you can order Cards and get them in time for christmas is Dec. 8.

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