The Whole Post. Finally.

So here is the Whole post from Libby and Madge's Session. Finally. I've been sick. Blah. Holy cute girls... They have this song (that my kids now sing) and it goes as follows "shake your little butt, butt, butt.... shake your little butt, butt, butt" and they laugh sooo hard. It sounds dumb but it is sooo cute- the first few times :)

Oh, this is them dancing to the "Butt" song..... hilarious.

HAHa. This one makes me laugh.
We gave Madge this old phone and she was soooo cute. She had like a 10 minute conversation with Grandpa (who was not there) to tell him that he needed to come and fix all these old barns.

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BellaRosePhotography said...

Holy crap. These are so, so amazing!!! Love their names. Cutest ever!


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