Olivia and Les

Les, I found this beauty as I was putting your images up onto my website for you to view. Hello Hot Momma! It is snowing today. I'm not happy about it. I am also not happy that I just ran out to save my trees from the wet, heavy snow and I slipped twice. Once on my butt sooooo hard and then the next time about 5 seconds later on my knees but I completely twisted my knee. I wanted to cry but felt pathetic so I came limping in like I had been beaten up and whined to Jordan. Go away snow- holy- it is may.
This is CUTE CUTE Olivia. She did not crack one smile for me but I'm ok with that. Her serious look is beautiful. She was probably thinking... "that lady with that black thing in her hand that keeps jumping up and down is CRAZY".... I get that a lot. Hey, I have to do what I have to do. Hope you guys enjoy!

I love how she is grabbing her belly.


Caylee said...

That baby is beautiful! Loving the accessories :)

Michelle Kane Photography said...

Girl, that baby is just darling! I love the accessories and the processing is divine!


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