I want only a few more days in Vancouver! My husband, Shoal, and I went for a Dental Conference. Well, really my husband went to learn and I went to have fun. It was soooo beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I've heard it was super warm here while we were gone this weekend but we do not have the lush greenery and fresh flowers and amazing pink flowered trees that Vancouver has right now. I was VERY jealous. Simply beautiful. So are these girls. Holy, check them out! I LOVE taking pictures and it was such a treat to be able to photograph each one of these girls (especially in a different city). I feel that it is so important to capture those expressions and personalities of each person, even if they feel awkward (which most people do). Well, this is what I see in you girls, from my eyes. Gorgeous. It actually rained the WHOLE time durning these shoots. I guess that happens in Vancouver.... hence the lush greenery. Can you tell? It was a little crazy in the morning as I had my baby in the stroller, my baby around my neck (yes my camera), and trying to juggle walking with the stroller, holding my camera under my coat, and holding my umbrella. I was sweating. I was not going to let the rain ruin my shoots. We made it work. There are TONS more to come. I feel like a kid in a candy store.... so many good ones choose from. AHHH...

This is Jill. She is going to be working with my husband Jordan is his new Dental Practice in Camrose. Fun, cute girl.
This is Jodi. She is also going to be working with Jordan in his Clinic as well. She is the Dental Hygienist (Jodi- I even spelt it right this time). Love those eyes.
This is Chelsea. She lives in Vancouver and is a Vet Tech at the Vancouver Aqaurium. Amazing job. She is my friend's, Best friend. It was fun to hang out with you Chelsea! You are going to love all your pics. Isn't she stunning? Ya.
There you go. I'm off to bed.
Many more to come... just have to find some time... which seems impossible for this week.


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