Tessa and Bethany

My sister in laws came to stay with us while their parents were on vacation. It was awesome!! They helped me cook, take care of my kids, mop... do you really have to go home? Fun to take pictures of them... so easy to. Beautiful girls.
I feel like I'm not up on my blog or anything anymore. My husband's dental practice purchase keeps us both VERY busy. It will slow down one of these days. We are actually going to a conference in Vancouver soon. I'm really excited to get on the streets downtown there and take some pics of his staff. More to come soon. I promise.I love this one.... tessa, you look amazing...

Bethany, you look like such a bad girl, but you aren't... I love it!!


Carrie said...

I love these pics Alli - the locations are awesome too! I'll have to get you to do some for us this summer.

Michael said...

love it..!! when are you going to come here?

Michael said...

opps, this is becca.. haha


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