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I know, I know, I've been really lame at my blog lately. I've been away at WPPI in Vegas cramming my head with loads of photography knowledge. I've been home now for a few days and trying to process and apply everything that I have learned. Of course, I now want to buy millions of dollars of equipment (which drives my husband nuts). Photography is EXPENSIVE and it is really hard because I LOVE it... I'd better get saving because my magic money tree is fading away. My next on the list is a new lens, and body (camera body that is). I just want to upgrade from mine. It was fun in Vegas to meet up with girls that I had not known before this conference. It is really fun to hang out with such creative people who have the same passion as you.
Ok so here Sarah are the 3 photos that you have been so patiently waiting for a LONG time. Remember I was in Vegas for a few days, my kids are driving me a little crazy lately (anyone else's kids acting crazy lately- I don't know what it is?! ), and my husband's dental practice is to open in less than a month (and we-well really he- has SOOO much to do). I'm a little busy. Yes, but aren't we all? Let me know what you think so we can get your beautiful canvasses printed!
The past while I have have Michelle Kane mentor me with photoshop skills. Holy MAN, she is good. You should check her out. She is seriously so gifted and super nice too. If I can only inherit 10% of her skills, I would be a lucky woman. I was able to meet up with her at WPPI. Really fun to meet up with people that you have talked with through the computer in person (does that make sense?).

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