Misbehaved... but yet cute

And the goofs begin.... at least THEY are having fun ...

My kids are ALWAYS the worst behaved during my shoots, the worst. Today, I thought it would be different. I bribed them with cupcakes and ice cream- a pretty good bribe. They promised me they would listen to me. As soon as I got behind the camera, craziness. I was so annoyed. Can you tell they were bad? They look like angels.. but they are CRAZY! I love them though and they are just kids so they are allowed to be out of control. Well, they didn't get ice cream or cupcakes.... timeouts instead.

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Aneca Photography said...

How could you get mad at those darling little faces?!! What little studs! It's always the hardest to take pictures of your own kids. I find I have no patience with them but I have LOTS of patience with other people's kids. Why is that?


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