Tessa, you make me so jealous- how are you so pretty?? You are going to get snatched up quick when you get out of high school- watch out boys.

Oh man, This is me and my husband Jordan. I really don't like getting my picture taken but I thought that every so often I should so that people can remember me.... And notice, I have no pictures of my kids on here recently.... that is because they act like complete retards in front of the camera lately.. I should put some of the dumb ones up... then you will see how CRAZY they are. 

Sarah and Jan- the newlyweds... AWHHHHH
Classic Cahoon Family- 
Becca laughing hysterically, Sarah about to bust out laughing with becca, Jordan Making fun of them, Bethany too cool to laugh, Tessa smirking thinking they are immature, Taylor giggling in the background, Grant joining in the laughing, and Marie, Laughing but not having any idea at what.... True happiness here... 
Cameron Falls... Waterton Park, Alberta. Jordan's family has a cabin that backs onto the falls... how did I get so lucky to marry into this.... 
Jordan's family - now behaving themselves

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s a n s k u :) said...

ok, i'm totally jealous allison. a cabin in waterton! WOW! awesome! you lucky girl! can you tell i LOVE waterton. :)

Awesome, awesome pictures. And you are gorgeous girl so keep taking pictures of yourself too! the boys need pictures of their mama too.


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