The French West Indies

Here are some pictures from out recent trip to Saint Martin and Anguilla . AMAZING! I really loved it there. Jordan served a mission for our church in St. Martin in 2001 -2002 and so we were able to visit with the people he knew.
These chickens are everywhere along with Goats.
I was able to do a photo shoot for these two beautiful girls who are daughters of a lady that Jordan knew when he lived there. I love black kids- they make me so happy. I really wanted to bring one home with me. Barely any photoshopping- they are naturally beautiful. I want to go back in the near future and do free photo shoots for those really poor families. They live with really nothing and made me be more grateful for all that I have.
It was hard doing this shoot because these girls and their mom only spoke french. Good thing I had Jordan with me so that he could translate. I think the girls really love it- they never have had anything like this before.

The architecture in St. Martin is mostly concrete (for any hurricanes), painted very brightly, intricate details and great for pictures. Every building can be used so easily for photography. You walk 2 steps and you have like 10 different backdrops. It was great.
These girls mom told Jordan that she will be waiting anxiously to receive these pictures in the mail. She does not have the internet and so she does not get to view them online-I will send them soon!

We went sailing to the island of Prickly Pear- Crystal clear blue water, powder white sand, hot, humid, and beautiful. We sailed on a catamaran (not ours of course)- which was worth millions of dollars. The sails were amazing.
Ok, kind of a cheesy picture but doesn't that look nice- sipping a pina coloda- awwwww- I miss it already.

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